This is a general overview of the minors. For more information, please consult the college catalog, or contact the department.

The Education Department offers two minor concentrations:

Classical Education Minor

Employing the classical liberal arts—the trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric; and the quadrivium: arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy—as its foundation, the classical education minor enables students to explore and experience first-hand what it means to be classically educated. Rather than imposing the ephemeral standards of the contemporary teaching profession, this minor is grounded in the rich, time-honored heritage of liberal education in the Western tradition. Through the liberal arts teacher apprenticeship, students are afforded the opportunity to observe and engage in classroom teaching in a reputable classical school. Alternatively, those students who do not wish to pursue a teaching career may complete the minor without the apprenticeship. A student who wishes to minor in Classical Education must complete 18 credit hours, as outlined below.

Required courses include:

  • Education 101: English Grammar
  • Education 393: Logic & Rhetoric in Classical Education
  • Education 301: Classical Quadrivium
  • Education 360: Philosophy of Education

Students must also take six credit-hours of electives, chosen from the following:

  • Education 401: Liberal Arts Teacher Apprenticeship
  • Education 402: Master Teachers in the Western Tradition
  • Education 403: Explicit Phonics Reading Instruction
  • Education 404: Classic Children’s Literature

Early Childhood Education Minor

Preparing young children for a liberal arts education has been a tradition at Hillsdale College for more than 80 years. Mary Proctor Randall Preschool, an award-winning school, sits at the heart of campus. As part of the minor in Early Childhood Education, students observe and interact with young children at the Preschool, gaining valuable insight into teaching children at this age level. Seeking to benefit both its young pupils and college students, Mary Randall Preschool represents a rich blend of educational heritage and innovation. The minor in Early Childhood Education at Hillsdale College allows students to incorporate classroom experience at Mary Randall into their formal education.

Required courses include:

  • Education 106: Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • Education 206: Child Development and Early Childhood Education
  • Education 306: Early Childhood Education Instructional Program
  • Education 404: Classic Children’s Literature
  • Education 476: Assessment & Screening in Early Childhood Education
  • Education 506: Preschool Directed Teaching

In addition, the following courses are recommended, but not required, for students wishing to minor in Early Childhood Education:

  • Psychology 101: Introduction to Psychology
  • Speech 201: Fundamentals of Speech Communication
  • Education 599: Assistantship