Study Abroad in France

Tours, France

Upon arrival in Tours, all students will take a test to determine the courses in which they will enroll. According to their level of competency, students will spend between 19 and 24 hours in classes per week and receive 4 credit hours at the 300 level or above.

Cultural Activities

Excursions are organized twice a week by the Institute and available to students for a fee. Tours is an historical center of great interest. Furthermore, it is located at the heart of the Loire Castles Region.


A faculty member will meet the students in Paris for a three-day stay and accompany then to Tours. His/her responsibility will be to help the students during the first week of their stay in France. This will include the stay in Paris, the train trip from Paris to Tours, and supervision of the transition to the Institut de Touraine.

For more information, please contact Dr. Marie-Claire Morellec at 607-2409 or by email.

Hillsdale College also encourages students to participate in semester-long programs chosen in consultation with and by approval of a faculty member of the French section.