Psychology Department

Overview & Features

Mission Statement

The goal of the Department of Psychology is to achieve breadth and depth of undergraduate education in psychology, within the context of a balanced liberal arts curriculum, for the purpose of providing a firm foundation for advanced training in the field or allied disciplines, or entrance into professions for which a background in psychology is appropriate. Pursuant to this, we seek:

  • To educate our students in the major psychological perspectives for the purpose of promoting in them a deeper appreciation and understanding of the conceptual and empirical bases of the discipline, and to provide them with a framework for understanding future developments in the field.
  • To encourage our students to study in appropriate cognate disciplines, for the purpose of fostering in them an understanding of the place of psychology among the liberal arts. 
  • To train our students in scientific methods and data analysis, for the purpose of enabling them to think logically and critically, and in particular to understand, critique, and conduct psychological research.
  • To enable our students effectively to present psychological research, using both the spoken and written word, for the purpose of making them full participants in the intellectual community.