Washington-Hillsdale Internship Program

Summer WHIP

Students select their own full-time summer internships. Starting early each calendar year, and upon request, Kirby Center staff will assist students in their internship selection. Academic credit is not given for summer internships through the Kirby Center; however students may apply to the business department to receive academic credit for their internship.

Summer Course Work

Special summer courses with Dr. Paul Moreno will be available in D.C. after the academic school year has concluded, and will be open to all WHIP students.

Summer Programming

All summer WHIP students are be encouraged to attend the Kirby Center Lecture Series, as well as other summer Kirby Center events. Students travel to Gettysburg, Mount Vernon, and the Supreme Court. The Washington, D.C., Hillsdale alumni chapter hosts several social and networking events for summer WHIP students, as well as offering mentoring opportunities throughout the summer. In addition, several optional trips coordinated by alumni and other volunteers will be offered to students.

Summer Housing

Summer students must secure their own housing. Kirby Center staff provide information on the best options, and students are connected to alumni and other friends of the College for assistance. In addition, the 17 spaces at the Hillsdale House are available to students on a first come, first served basis, pending Deans’ approval.