About the Students

Hillsdale’s honors students represent a wide spectrum of hometowns, academic interests, and extra-curricular activities.

Members of the program come from Maine, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Montana, Ohio, Arizona, Virginia, Texas, Iowa, Colorado and other states across America.

Their majors represent diverse disciplines, including biology, history, economics, American Studies, philosophy, English, music, education, foreign languages, Asian Studies, business and other departments. In many cases, the Honors students are double-majors, and most have a variety of minor fields of study as well.

In addition to their studies, Honors students hold leadership positions in Young Life, departmental honor societies, choir, jazz band, orchestra, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and serve as student ambassadors on-campus. Honors students are active in varsity athletics, including swimming, track and cross-country. Moreover, many Honors students volunteer off-campus with Boy Scouts, after-school youth programs and local churches, and ten students in the Honors Program serve as resident advisors in the dormitories.