Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a Computer

  1. Do you recommend laptops or desktops?

    Laptops offer mobility at a higher price than desktops. Laptops are not necessary, but they allow greater freedom to study outside one’s dorm room, such as outdoors, in the library, or in the student center. Desktops offer lower prices and more power at the expense of mobility.

  2. What type of laptop should one buy?

    Hillsdale College works specifically with Apple and Dell and can offer purchasing advice for computers from those companies. Because Hillsdale College does not offer technical support for student-owned machines (except for ResNet-related issues), students should purchase a warranty and service agreement with their machine.

  3. Are there any discounts on purchasing a computer through ITS?

    Students can get educational discounts from either Apple or Dell. For more specific information, please see Purchasing a Computer.

  4. Is there a problem with theft for laptops?

    Laptop theft is virtually unheard of. ITS is not aware of any laptops reported as stolen.

  5. What do most students prefer: laptop or desktop?

    Many incoming students use the computer labs during their first semester and ask for what they need for during break. The choice depends upon the student’s study and social habits. Using a laptop enables a student to use the wireless networks on campus.

  6. Can students bring laptops to class?

    Yes. There is no college policy against using laptop computers in class. However, individual instructors may prohibit or restrict laptop use in class, so students should ask their instructor. Classrooms in Kendall and Lane have power outlets and Ethernet plugs built into the desks and both buildings are covered by the wireless network.

  7. Do students need printers in their dorm rooms?

    Printers are convenient but not necessary in dorm rooms. Students can print black and white documents for academic and reasonable personal use at no cost in the computer labs. Color printing is available in many of the computer labs at a nominal charge.

General Computing

  1. What lab facilities are available? Are they adequate for the entire student body?

    There are five computer labs available for student use. During the school year, on weekdays, at least one lab is open and attended by a lab assistant from 7:30am to 2:00am.

  2. What about storing information?

    All students are given a space on the server to store their personal files. Each student’s personal storage space should be kept under 500MB. ITS reserves the right to enforce or modify this limits at any time and without notice. Students may access this space from any computer with Internet access.

  3. Will new students be given an email address?

    Yes. New students will be given a username and password at registration which will allow them to check their email from anywhere in the world that has Internet connectivity. All usernames are first initial followed by last name. For example, William Johnson’s username would be wjohnson. Students should limit their mailbox size to 100MB. This total includes email messages, attachments, address book, tasks, and calendar entries.

  4. Is any technical support available for students in the case of hardware problems?

    ITS offers technical support for resolving network port and cable problems. For technical needs that fall outside of ResNet connectivity, students are directed to local vendors or to their computer manufacturer.