The Official Biography of Sir Winston Churchill



Hillsdale College has undertaken to republish, complete, maintain in publication, and market the official biography of Sir Winston Churchill. The College will complete the final six document volumes of this monumental work and will keep the entire biography in print. Obtaining copyrights, preparing and reprinting out-of-print volumes, and producing the remaining document volumes is a lengthy, ongoing project which commenced in the fall of 2004 under the direction of Sir Martin Gilbert, the official biographer of Sir Winston from 1968 until illness overtook him in 2012.

How to Purchase

There are several ways to purchase your copy of the recently published Volume 17 of The Churchill Documents, "Testing Times: 1942," and other volumes:

Purchase forms can be mailed to Hillsdale College at: 33 East College Street, Hillsdale MI 49242. Alternatively, forms can be faxed to (517) 607-2658 or emailed to

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