Parents Association


The purpose of the Association will be to assist Hillsdale College in the service and advancement of its mission.

Founded in 1844 “to furnish all persons who wish, irrespective of nation, color, or sex, a literary and scientific education…and to combine with this, such moral, social and artistic instruction and culture as will best develop the minds and improve the hearts of the students,” Hillsdale College is dedicated to difficult but noble ends. In concert with the parents of its students, the College cultivates moral, spiritual and intellectual virtues that are good in themselves and necessary for self-governing, free citizens.

The Association advances these ends by promoting them and soliciting support for them among parents. Through involvement in College projects and functions, fundraising and student recruitment and effective communication with parents and others, the Association serves students by helping the College enrich students’ lives and ennoble their humanity.


All parents of the Hillsdale College students will be members of the Hillsdale College Parents Association. For membership information to the PASC, please contact Mary Ewers, Director of Parent Relations, or any member of the PASC.

PASC Chairmen

  • James and Sheila Banovetz – WI
    Mary Beth – ’10
    James – ’12
    John – ’14
    Joseph - '15


  • Warren O'Leary and Mary Ellen Nevins O'Leary – MI
    Nell – ’12
    Bridget - ’14

PASC Members

  • James and Sheila Banovetz – WI
    Mary Beth – ’10
    James – ’12
    John – ’14
    Joseph - '15
  • James and Ellen Beley – NC
    James – ’10
    Michael – ’17
    Tommy – ’17
  • Heino and Karen Blaauw – IL
    Cameron – ’10
    Kaylyn – ’12
    Rachel – ’16
  • Glen and Sonya Flint – NE
    Toby– ’13
    Cory - ’14
  • Greg and Cynthia Gensler – NE
    Evan – ’15
    Ian – '17
  • Robert and Maureen Hall – WI
    Kirsten – ’15
    Brigitte – ’17
  • Robert and Faith Ham – CA
    Kathryn – ’14
  • John and Lori Keim – GA
    Anderson – ’12
    Bennett – ’14
  • Steve and Edie Langston - FL
    Emma - ’15
  • Doug and Kari McCormick – TX
    Kaleigh – ’14
  • Bruce and Elitza Meyer – NJ
    Ayla - ’15
  • Howard and Jana Morrison – AZ
    Allyn – ’16
  • Andrew and Abby Odell – PA
    Andrew– ’11
    Elizabeth Anne - ’13
    Shannon - ’13
  • Warren O'Leary and Mary Ellen Nevins O'Leary – MI
    Nell – ’12
    Bridget - ’14
  • David and Suzanne Overholtzer – ID
    Madeleine- ’15
  • Ron and Noreen Pearsall – CT
    Angela –‘14
    Catherine –‘17
  • Hud and Tammy Peters – OH
    Betsy- ’10
    Michael – ’12
    Shelly - ’ 15
    David James - '17
  • Rick and Melissa Reuss - IN
    Andrew - ’15
    Alexander – ’17
    Joseph Nchia – ’17
  • Robbie and Diane Robertson – WA
    Amanda- ’09
    Lacey – ’14
  • Bret and Lorraine Shillingstad – WI
    Danielle – ’16
  • Terry Sieker and Linda Clemedtson–Sieker – WI
    Sylvia - ’16
  • Richard and Alicia Sparks – OH
    Samuel- ’11
    Sydney – ’16
    Sarah - ’ 16
  • Jeff and Heather Ventrella – AZ
    Jefferson- ’11
    Kirklan – ’16
  • Hugh and Beverly Verano – CA
    Catherine - ’14

Faculty Representatives

  • Dan York – Biology
  • Don Westblade – Religion
  • Mark Kalthoff – History

Chairs of Sub-Committees

  • Ellen Beley – Chair of the Fundraising Sub-Committee
  • Bruce and Elitza Meyer – Chairs of the Events Sub-Committee
  • Jim and Sheila Banovetz – Chairs of the Freshman/New Parent Sub-Committee
  • John Keim – Chair of the Career Opportunities Sub-Committee
  • Colleen McGinness – Chair of the Recruiting/Admissions (HCAAP) Sub-Committee
  • Karen Blaauw – Chair of Hillsdale Parents Prayer Partners Sub-Committee

SUB-Committees of the PASC

Fundraising Sub-Committee

The Fundraising Sub-Committee will assist with the Parent-to-Parent Phonathons and with other college approved fundraising activities. For more information, please email the Sub-Committee Chair, Ellen Beley

Events Sub-Committee

The Events Sub-Committee will contact parents concerning various college related gatherings held on and off campus. For more information, please contact Sub-Committee Chairs, Bruce and Elitza Meyer. 

Freshman/New Parent Sub-Committee

The Freshman/New Parents Sub-Committee will help coordinate parent volunteers for the College’s varied, “new student” activities, in efforts to welcome new parents to campus and invite them to be active members in the Parents Association Steering Committee (PASC). For more information, please email the Sub-Committee Chairs, Jim & Sheila Banovetz. 

Career Opportunities Sub-Committee

The Career Opportunities Sub-Committee will coordinate parent volunteers as a resource pool for potential internship and job opportunities, to support the efforts of the Career Services Office. For more information, please email the Sub-Committee Chair, John Keim

Recruiting/Admissions (HCAAP) Sub-Committee

The Hillsdale College Admissions Assistance Program (HCAAP) Sub-Committee will seek out parent volunteers to participate in our nationwide recruiting efforts. For more information, please email Colleen McGinness.

Hillsdale Parents Prayer Partners Sub-Committee

The Hillsdale Parents Prayer Partners Sub-Committee is open to those who would like to be part of a prayer team that prays for the needs of the College including students, faculty and staff. Prayer requests are submitted via email, and twice monthly Prayer Partners receive a prayer letter via email that includes items for prayer. For more information, please email the Sub-Committee Chair, Karen Blaauw.