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Career Services

Classical Liberal Arts Education Meets the Real World

Classical liberal arts education meets the real world: that’s what we are all about. Since Hillsdale’s education is one-of-a-kind, its graduates will be too, so we have a unique opportunity to help our students plan fulfilling futures. Career Services means much more than practical help with job searching; it means conversing with students about happiness, guiding them to reflect on meaningful experiences, connecting them to inspiring alumni, and providing a multiplicity of resources to aid them as they develop their post-Hillsdale plans. We are proud of our graduates’ outstanding success, but our first priority is continuing the soul-deepening work students are undergoing and helping them navigate their transition into the world.

Mission Statement

Through its classical liberal arts education, Hillsdale College teaches its students to consider profound truths, ask perennial questions, and reflect upon their vocations in the world. This prepares them to excel in whatever calling they discern. While helping students to develop their strengths, and while introducing them to opportunities, Career Services encourages students to discover the fulfilling role that is uniquely theirs in the world. It is our goal that students graduate confident in a purposeful life, so that, leavened by their education, they can engage and serve their communities, families, nation, and God.

Getting Started

Early Childhood Education Studying

Information for Students

As you think about your future, our office is here to support you every step along the way. Through a variety of resources and personalized guidance, we aim to provide meaningful assistance that helps you connect Hillsdale’s unique education with a fulfilling, purposeful future.

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Students in English Class

Information for Prospective Students and Parents

At Career Services, we support our students in determining post-Hillsdale plans with an eye towards the intellect and character that make Hillsdale graduates unique. We aim to help students reflect on their Hillsdale education and evaluate what they love, how they find fulfillment, and how to think about their place in the world.

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Information for Alumni

As you move beyond graduation, our office is here to continue supporting you through your professional development. We also recognize you as an irreplaceable resource to current students, as you represent the college’s mission fulfilled and demonstrate what it means to take a liberal arts education into the world.

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Career Cantina

Information for Employers

Organizations are welcome to recruit Hillsdale students on-site or virtually at no charge and with great flexibility. All graduate and professional schools are also welcome to recruit.

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Meet the Staff

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