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Academic Transcripts

An academic transcript a chronological listing of all coursework completed at Hillsdale College. The transcript includes semester and cumulative grade point information, transfer credit information, and degree information.

Official Transcript

An official transcript bears both the Registrar’s signature and the College seal.

Official transcripts are available in paper form for all students and are printed on colored security paper.

For students who entered the College in 2007 and after, official transcripts are available in secure, electronic form via the Parchment e-transcript service. More information is provided below about the Parchment service.

Unofficial Transcript

An unofficial transcript bears neither the Registrar’s signature nor the College seal.

Unofficial transcripts are available in paper form for all students and are printed on plain, white paper. The Registrar can also provide an unofficial transcript in electronic form, as a pdf document.

Requesting Academic Transcripts

If on campus, a student can visit the Registrar’s Office to request either an official or unofficial academic transcript. Otherwise, transcript requests can be submitted via mail or email.

If via mail, send the request to:

Hillsdale College
Office of the Registrar
Re: Transcript Request
33 E College Street
Hillsdale, Michigan 49242

When mailing a request, please indicate your full name in effect while you attended Hillsdale College, your current address, telephone number, and dates of attendance. Be sure to enclose the appropriate transcript fee.

If via email, send the request to: [email protected]. Please mail any transcript fee to the address above.

Parchment E-Transcript Service

Hillsdale College has engaged Parchment to provide secure, electronic delivery of official transcripts, when the transcript recipient (college, university, graduate school, or employer) requires electronic delivery.

This service is available only to students who matriculated Fall 2007 and after.

If electronic delivery of official transcripts is not required, students are asked to contact the Registrar’s Office and request a paper copy of the official transcript. Students should not order paper copies through the Parchment service.

Order E-Transcripts

Transcript Fees

The first two official, paper transcripts of any order are free. Any additional copies are $2.00 each. There is no fee for an unofficial transcript.

A fee of $2.85 is charged for each official transcript requested through the Parchment eTranscript service.

Dropping Classes

Three-Week Summer Terms

A course dropped within the first three class days of a summer term will not appear on the student’s permanent record. A course dropped on the fourth day but before the seventh day will be assigned a “W” (Withdrawn) grade. After the sixth class day, a dropped course will be assigned an “F” (Failing) grade.