London, England

Through an affiliation with Regent’s College, Hillsdale College offers an opportunity for summer study in London for students in economics, business, accounting, and international studies in business and foreign language.


Dr. David Basterfield

 [email protected]

Regent’s College, set amid the trees and gardens of Regent’s Park in the heart of London, is a private, coeducational college providing a range of international academic opportunities. As a British-American center of international education, Regent’s College American School of Liberal Arts draws upon the academic traditions and resources of both countries and attracts students from many parts of the world.

Students earn full Hillsdale academic credit for the courses taken at Regent’s College. The courses are open to students following their sophomore, junior, or senior year, providing they have completed more than 45 credit hours. Each student may enroll for one or two courses during the summer.