Oxford, England

Through its affiliations with the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and the Oxford Study Abroad Program, Hillsdale College offers the opportunity for highly qualified students to study abroad each semester at venerable Oxford University.


Dr. Kenneth Calvert

[email protected]

Hillsdale/Oxford scholars are accorded university status as associate members of one of 39 different colleges in the university and are extended the right to participate fully in the entire spectrum of academic and social programs offered by their college. Each college offers excellent facilities for soccer, hockey, cricket, squash, rugby and rowing. Various college societies flourish and offer scope for participation in orchestral and choral music, drama, and film study. Field trips to London and the historically rich Thames Valley surrounding Oxford are a regular feature of each program.

Students interested in becoming Hillsdale/Oxford scholars are urged to consult early with their academic advisors and to review financial arrangements with the Financial Aid Office.

Students unable to attend during the academic year are encouraged to apply for the Oxford summer school. In most instances, students in good academic standing at Hillsdale College will be accepted for the Oxford summer program.