Koty Arnold

Politics, Van Andel Graduate School of Statesmanship

M.A. Student

“Studying the Puritans provides insight both into the American tradition and the political vision of the Reformation.” ~ Koty Arnold


B.A. Regent University, Government, 2017

Research Interests

American Political Thought

Political Theology

Academic Experience

“Reformation Nation: Protestantism in the American Constitution.” Presented at Regent University 500. Virginia Beach VA, November 2017.

“Calvin Coolidge: Classical Statesman.” Presented at Virginia Commonwealth University Academic Student Conference.” Richmond VA, April 2017. Also presented at Regent University Student-Faculty Research Conference. Virginia Beach VA, April 2017.


My studies at Regent University ignited a passion for political theory. In 2017, after completing a stint in Washington and on a political campaign, I decided to pursue a career in academia. My plan is to complete a doctoral program and then work as a scholar at a Christian college.

My favorite things to research include the American political tradition and the relationship of Reformed Protestantism to politics. Fortunately, America is a land blessed with a rich history of Protestantism, so the two subjects often intersect. Studying the Puritans, for instance, provides insight both into the American tradition of localism as well as the overarching political vision of the Reformation.

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