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The Land and Literature of England

What made these authors great? Why do their works endure? What do they tell us about their times, and what do they tell us about ours? What do they tell us of living well? These questions and more arise in a broad yet intensive survey of select English authors. Enduring works reveal perennial truths about the human condition, as well as reflect on urgencies particular to their own day. This course will study the ideas and historical influences behind such works, all the while looking at the light great authors shed on the nature of a good life.

Includes stops at: Windsor, Warwick, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Oxford, Bath, London, and Canterbury.

2018 Trip Date

June 14 – June 27

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Program costs include international flight from Detroit Metro Airport, transfers to and from the airport, housing and all meals on the Hillsdale campus, land travel via private buses, housing in quality hotels, breakfast and dinner each day while off campus (independent lunch allows for more personalized local selections), all entry fees to site visits, and tuition fees for three undergraduate Hillsdale College credits.

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