Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Western Civilization: Visions from Italy

From the politics, philosophy, religion, art, and architecture of Italy, cultural forms evolved that inspired much of later Western Civilization. In Ancient Rome and Renaissance Florence, citizens struggled to find the proper relationship of Man to his God(s) and to his community, both in times of political and cultural domination, and in times of societal collapse and civic despair.

Explore the material expression in the artistic and architectural treasures of these two fascinating cities: Rome, a city whose history spans more than 2,500 years, one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe; and Florence, the “Athens of the Middle Ages,” and one of the wealthiest cities of all time. See majestic structures such as the Pantheon, Forum, Colosseum, and St. Peter’s, and the sublime artistry of men like Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Botticelli.

Includes stops at: Rome, Pompeii, Florence, and Venice.

2018 Trip Date

July 5 – July 17 

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Program costs include international flight from Detroit Metro Airport, transfers to and from the airport, housing and all meals on the Hillsdale campus, land travel via private buses, housing in quality hotels, breakfast and dinner each day while off campus (independent lunch allows for more personalized local selections), all entry fees to site visits, and tuition fees for three undergraduate Hillsdale College credits.

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