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We’re here to help you build the life you’re meant to live.

At Hillsdale you’ll meet people and be exposed to ideas that will expand the way you see the world and your role in it. You’ll get an education that will prepare you for anything. You’ll learn to demand more from yourself, because you’ll see how much more you have to deliver. Come to Hillsdale and experience what college was meant to be.

Why Hillsdale?

As you consider Hillsdale among other options, you will notice features that set us apart.

Dr. Miles Smith and Students

What is the Hillsdale Honor Code?

Our Honor Code shapes student culture around the goal of self-government. Students unite what they learn about virtue in the classroom to its practice in daily life and help one another develop good character.

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Dr. Cole teaching philosophy class

What is unique about academics at Hillsdale?

A true and traditional liberal arts curriculum. As students study the best of the Western Tradition with our faculty, they form the ability to think critically and independently, and to recognize and pursue the Good, True, and Beautiful. This type of education guides our students through their life, regardless of career path.

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Career Fair

How does Hillsdale prepare you for a career?

Hillsdale offers an excellent start to your future. Our Career Services professionals work with students from the very beginning to help identify goals and become competitive applicants for internships, graduate programs, and professional schools.

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