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Apply for Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, you must do the following:

1. Apply for admission to Hillsdale College

On your application, check the appropriate space to indicate your intent to apply for assistance. To be considered for any form of financial aid, a student must first have applied and been accepted for enrollment.

Apply for Admission

2. Complete the CFFS

Complete and submit the Hillsdale College Confidential Family Financial Statement (CFFS) as soon as possible.* The CFFS may be completed using our online form or by downloading and mailing the completed form to the Financial Aid Office. You may be asked to forward a signed and dated copy of you and your parents’ most recent tax returns.

The analysis of the family’s financial circumstances (income, assets, expenses) as indicated on the CFFS is the basis of consideration for most forms of aid.

Complete CFFS Online Download CFFS Form

*International students should contact the Financial Aid Counselor for information regarding need-based consideration.