Taylor Flowers playing the piano.

Music Scholarships

The Hillsdale College Music Department is pleased offer scholarship opportunities to all Hillsdale students regardless of their choice of major. 

Freshman music scholarship awards most typically range from $1,000-$3,000 annually and include a waiver of private lesson fees.

The responsibilities of students receiving music scholarships include private study and participation in appropriate ensembles. Awards are annually renewed based on successful completion of these requirements.

For all arrangements pertaining to music scholarships, please contact:

Prof. Stacey Jones

(517) 607-2287

[email protected]

How to Apply

Application: Scholarship applicants are required to begin a Hillsdale College General Admissions Application. To begin candidacy for a music scholarship, submit a Music Resume which includes 1-2 years past repertoire performed/studied and await further instructions. Additional required materials due upon the deadline and a music resume template can be downloaded below.

Download Application Materials/Audition Instructions

Audition: After the music resume is pre-screened by music faculty, the applicant can make arrangements for an audition. On-campus auditions are scheduled on an individual basis, or a remote YouTube link audition can be requested for exceptional cases when a student is unable to visit campus prior to the audition deadline. Auditions may be scheduled by personal preference, both before or after acceptance to the college.

Required Repertoire: Below are the general repertoire requirements when considering a scholarship audition. Each individual instrumental or vocal area has separate requirements for additional technical demonstrations such as sight-reading, etudes or scales. Once the resume is submitted, candidates will receive contact information for the appropriate instrumental or vocal professor to discuss additional audition requirements.


Strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, harp, and guitar players should prepare two contrasting solos, etudes or movements of a larger work. Accompaniment is not required or provided.


Pianists must submit a list of a minimum of 15-20 minutes of memorized audition music for pre-screening prior to scheduling an audition. At least 2 contrasting solos or movements of a larger work should be submitted. 


Perform 2 contrasting pieces of concert, aria, or classical musical theater style. Accompaniment is required and provided for an on-campus audition. Candidates should bring sheet music to the audition. Memorization is strongly recommended, and foreign language is optional but encouraged.


Instrumentalists or vocalists may be considered specifically for jazz scholarships through a separate audition for the jazz department. Jazz musicians are required to perform 2 contrasting jazz standard heads and demonstrate ability to improvise on those forms.


Composition scholarships typically begin at the sophomore level and above and are based on recommendations from the Composition/Theory department. Prospective students interested in composition studies and future scholarship award opportunities are encouraged to submit formal scores for consideration at any time.


The audition deadline is March 1 of the year of entry. Students who audition after this deadline will receive secondary consideration.

All materials may be sent via email to Stacey Jones, including letters of recommendation directly from a reference’s email address in our effort to go paperless. Thank you. All materials submitted are confidentially shared to relevant music and admissions personnel only.