High School Summer Study and Travel FAQs

Are you required to have health insurance for this program abroad?
Yes, students are required to have a health and accident insurance policy in effect to travel in these programs. Please be sure your policy provides worldwide coverage for abroad courses. It is recommended you inform your insurance agent of your travel plans and obtain a policy identification card. You should also discuss possible travel limitations, exclusions, or requirements in your policy if traveling abroad.

Is there cellular or wireless internet coverage abroad?
Wi-Fi will be available in most hotels abroad; however, phone coverage depends on your cell phone provider’s policy abroad. Check with your provider for a temporary international cell phone plan.

Are scholarships or other financial assistance opportunities available for these courses?
Thanks to generous donor support, scholarships to cover a portion of High School Summer Study and Travel Programs costs are available. Consideration is granted based upon strength of application; no additional paperwork is required. Early application is encouraged, with scholarships being awarded as funds are available.

Where do parents stay on campus?
Should parents wish to stay on campus while dropping off their student, we encourage staying at our Dow Leadership Hotel and Conference Center. Please call (517) 437-3311 to reserve a room.

What supplementary materials will I need to submit along with my application?
A complete application includes:

  • A standardized test score from the ACT, CLT, SAT, PLAN, CLT10, or PSAT test, or a recent written sample of your academic work 2-5 pages in length with teacher’s remarks/grades
  • Two letters of recommendation, one academic and one personal
  • Essay of 250-500 words telling us why you’d like to participate in this program
  • High school transcript
  • Résumé of extracurricular activities, positions held, and honors received, including dates

When do I book my flight to Hillsdale?
Flights should be booked after receiving an acceptance letter, which will include optimal travel dates and times. Flights abroad will be booked by a travel agency.

Can parents attend this trip?
No, the trip is designed specifically as an academic trip for high school students.

If I am a rising freshman in college, can I still apply?
Yes; however, preference is given to rising juniors and seniors who are considering attending Hillsdale College.

How many students and chaperones typically attend each trip?
Approximately 30-50 students attend each trip, with about one chaperone per ten students, including a Hillsdale College professor, professional tour guide, and admissions counselor.

How long has Hillsdale been conducting High School Summer Study and Travel Programs?
Hillsdale College has been leading High School Summer Study and Travel Programs since the summer of 2004.

How will passports be handled throughout the program?
Passports will be collected and held securely by the Admissions chaperone throughout the trip. They will be temporarily returned to students when needed at the airport.

Are parents required to attend the orientation for these trips?
No, parents are not required on campus for any portion of these courses.

What should I pack if I plan to enroll in one of these courses?
A checklist will be provided with your admit letter.

Will my son or daughter be able to attend church on Sunday mornings during the program?
Yes, various church services will be made available on Sundays.

Will students be given a plan of action in case of an emergency?
Yes, part of orientation will include information for students about how to act in case of an emergency, and each will receive an emergency contact card. Thankfully, there has not been a single safety concern or incident to date in any of these courses. If our experienced staff has a safety concern, they are authorized to and capable of changing the course itinerary on short notice.

Where will students stay on campus?
Students will stay in residence halls on Hillsdale’s campus with Admissions chaperones.

Where will students stay overseas?
Participants and staff stay in quality hotels in safe neighborhoods which we have used continuously for more than a decade.

Who leads the trips overseas?
The director of the tour program has decades of experience leading adult and student trips in Europe.

How do students travel overseas?
Students ride on familiar, private charter buses with drivers who have excellent safety records.

Should students bring a laptop with them abroad?
No laptop is necessary. Students will be provided a journal they will use for note-taking during their travels.

How should students pay for lunches abroad?
We recommend students exchange currencies in the United States at their local bank. We also recommend that students bring a debit card with them with limited funds available.

Apart from the program fee, what other fees should I budget for when considering this trip?
Students are responsible to purchase their own lunches abroad (as we usually eat on site of our tours), as well as pay for the cost of transportation to and from Detroit Metro Airport on the first and last day of the program. If students are flying, a complimentary shuttle from the Detroit airport to Hillsdale College will be provided. We also recommend students set aside a small amount of funds for souvenirs.

Can the program costs be covered in part or in total by a 529 plan?
No, 529 plan funds cannot be used to pay for these programs, as participants are not fully enrolled at Hillsdale College.

Do you recommend travel insurance?
To obtain additional, optional cancellation insurance, please consult with your local insurance company, or a third-party travel insurance company. Refund amounts and deadlines will be included in the payment plan issued upon acceptance to the program.

Can I stay in Europe after my study abroad program concludes?
Alternate travel plans can be arranged in consultation with the Head of Summer Programs and the travel agency. Additional fees may apply if you require changes to your international flight itinerary. Please call Admissions at (517) 607-2327.

How do I earn college credits?
Upon successful completion of the academic portion of the trip, you will be issued a letter grade for the course. Provided you have passed the course with a “C” or better, you will earn three Interdisciplinary Studies credits, applicable to undergraduate studies at Hillsdale College and potentially transferrable to any other regionally accredited undergraduate institution. Acceptance or rejection of these credits is ultimately at the discretion of each institution. You will receive your course grade on an official Hillsdale College transcript, which will be mailed to you at the end of the summer. To transfer your credits to another institution, please order a transcript to be sent through Hillsdale’s Registrar’s Office.