Teenagers working in the science lab during Summer Science Camp.

Summer Science Camps

The science camps seek to promote scientific literacy among high-school students. These camps are designed to instill a deeper appreciation of what science is about, the idea that science can be challenging as well as fun, and the idea that science is both exciting and practical. Having attended a camp, students will come away with the view that today’s science is an interdisciplinary and cooperative endeavor.

In sponsoring these camps, Hillsdale College hopes that many students will want to pursue careers in science and choose to major in one of these fields in college.

Upcoming Camp Dates

June 23 – 28, 2019

Information and Application


The annual summer science camps are primarily intended for rising high-school sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in learning more about modern science. Those who have taken several science courses will gain the most from this program. Students will primarily be selected from the local Michigan and surrounding tri-state area, but students nationwide are also encouraged to apply.

Molecular Biology Camp

Students at the molecular biology camp gain firsthand knowledge of genetic engineering by performing experiments. The camp is comprised of lectures and laboratories in an intensive hands-on format that allows ample time for discussions and analyses of experimental results and procedures. Topics covered include: DNA/RNA chemistry, gene cloning, genetic engineering, manipulation of bacteria, bacterial transformation, isolation of plasmid and recombinant DNA, restriction analysis of DNA, agarose gel electrophoresis, hybridization, DNA sequencing, PCR, and DNA fingerprinting.

Chemistry & Physics Camp

This intensive week-long camp emphasizes a hands-on laboratory experience. Students attending this camp will explore the following topics: chemical dyes, chromatography, spectroscopy, polymers, holography, superconductivity, X-ray diffraction, and thermodynamics. The students are able to take home some of the laboratory projects done in this camp.

Mathematics Camp

Mathematics has applications to many aspects of everyday life. Previous camps have explored the use of mathematics in cryptology (codes), probability, symmetry, and the fourth dimension. Activities have included making and cracking codes, experimental estimation of Pi, and analyzing games and puzzles.

Cost, Housing, & Meals

A grant from the Donald L. Murdock Foundation will provide tuition, books, lodging, and meals. Upon registering by mail, each participant will receive a list of what to bring and other details. Students will stay on campus during the camp, and house directors will be on duty. Free time will be provided each day for use of the Health Education and Sports Complex, as well as other college facilities.

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