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Alexander Hamilton Society

Hillsdale College


It it the mission of The Alexander Hamilton Society at Hillsdale College to promote educated and reasoned discussion of international issues, often relating specifically to the importance of a strong United States acting as a global diplomatic, military, and economic leader.


The Hillsdale College Chapter of the Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS), is a national collegiate and professional society for the education and discussion of geopolitics, foreign affairs, international economics, and the role of the United States on the world stage.

The Alexander Hamilton Society hosts lectures and debates from respected scholars and experts in international affairs, hold groups discussions and student-oriented events, and can provide contacts and resources for students interested in entering work in these fields.


To become a member of the Hillsdale College AHS, $5 may be payed to the Treasurer of the chapter. Chapter members are entitled to voting rights and the ability to run in elections. They also have access to special events, such as Members’ Receptions, as well as “Meet and Greets” with speakers and visiting guests. Additional benefits may be made available as the chapter is able and sees fit.

Student Contact

Andrew Davidson

[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Paul Rahe

 [email protected]