Presidential Tasks

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in Dr. Arnn’s office? Two student workers share their experiences.

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Eight Reasons to Join a Fraternity

When you join a fraternity, your money goes far beyond the men with whom you work and live. It goes into social and professional events, philanthropy, better housing, and more. Here are the top eight reasons to join a fraternity.

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Procrastibaking and More

After a busy day at college, it’s fun to unwind and do something with your hands. Hillsdale students share two of their favorite creative ways to relax.

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Pursuing Arete at the Splex

Hillsdale’s Sports Complex is more than just a place with exercise equipment. It’s a vital hub of campus culture, with a wealth of opportunities for students to build fitness and friendships.

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Back to the Basics

Gertrude Stein once said, “I really do not know that anything has ever been more exciting than diagramming sentences.” To many people, this may seem odd. But in at least one of Hillsdale’s classes, excitement and sentence diagramming come together.

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A Chorus of Faith

Music not only helps us with our studies, but more importantly, it gives us a way to express our faith, whether that be in the dorm with a guitar and a few hymns, or in the chapel with a majestic organ and a beautiful chamber choir.

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The Halfway House: A Surprising History

Join me on a little dive into the surprising history of off-campus culture at one of Hillsdale College’s off-campus houses.

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Playing with Ideas

What do you get when you combine pizza, college students, and an informal discussion on industrial policy? The answer: Hillsdale’s economics lunch.

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A New Kind of Princess Story

Far off places, daring sword fights, a prince in disguise…” is Disney Princess Belle’s description of the average princess story, but this one, written by a Hillsdale Alumna, will have you reconsidering your princess story expectations.

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Spring Farewell

The command to “live every day as though it is your last” took on a new meaning for me when I learned that classes were canceled for the rest of the semester.

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A Senior’s Declassified (Literally) School Survival Guide

We often know what we are supposed to be doing, but we fail to implement plans because we don’t have solid examples of where to start. As Hillsdale College students, we are used to packed schedules filled with study table requirements and more committee and club meetings than we can count. When this schedule is lost, many may find it hard to stay focused.

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Dr. Kelly Scott Franklin’s Tips for Working from Home

At long last, I offer you my promised tips, tricks, and suggestions for how to work productively from home during this coronavirus lockdown.

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