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The Aletheia Lecture Series is a Christian Apologetics Lecture Series unique to Hillsdale College’s campus. The purpose behind Aletheia (Greek for “truth”) Lectures is derived from the etymology of University itself. Combining the Latin words “unus” (unity) and “versus” (diversity), the University seeks to discover truth that unifies the diverse disciplines of knowledge. In the same way, Aletheia is an interdisciplinary lecture series, covering topics in all subjects seeking for the truth that unifies these subjects.


As a Christian Apologetics Lecture Series, Aletheia’s central belief is that truth is found in the person of Jesus Christ. The central goal of Aletheia is to explore three main points: what Christianity is, why there is sound reason to believe in the Christian worldview, and the consequences if the Christian Worldview were true. Aletheia will host lectures pursuing these three areas and will bring in top experts to tackle these questions.

Student Contact

Gracen Aldaya

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Faculty Advisors

Prof. Don Westblade

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Chief Rogers

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