Classical Liberal Organization meeting

Classical Liberal Organization

Hillsdale College

The Classical Liberal Organization (CLO) is intended to promote individual liberty in the face of government expansion and interventionism. The CLO is a forum on the Hillsdale College campus for discussing the nature and importance of liberty, individual rights, free markets, social freedom, limited government, and the dangers of economically active and restrictive governmental policies.

Student Contacts

Kevin Stucker

[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Charles Steele

[email protected]


We take as inspiration the ideas of such thinkers as John Locke, the French Physiocrats, A. R. J. Turgot, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith, Benjamin Franklin, Frederic Bastiat, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Murray N. Rothbard, Israel Kirzner, and Ron Paul. The ideas of these and other historical and contemporary thinkers who defend and espouse the value of individual freedom are discussed, examined, and extrapolated on by the CLO.

We provide avenues for discussing and discovering original and unprecedented ways in which to promote individual liberty, free markets, technological progress, and limited government in the future by hosting presentations as well as formal and informal discussions, film showings, and related events by Hillsdale College students, faculty, and guests. These presentations and discussions are free and open to the public and are conducted in a civil, respectful, and intellectually sophisticated fashion.