Forensics and Debate

The Hillsdale College Forensics and Debate team is a nationally competitive organization committed to serving the mission of the College by offering a co-curricular extension of our liberal arts curriculum. The team has had great success in the tournaments it has competedĀ in, both locally and from coast to coast.

The debate team won the Pi Kappa Delta National Championship held at Louisiana State University, Shreveport in 2009.

Membership Requirements

You are welcome to join our team and see what debate and forensics are all about. Debate and forensics will hone your critical analysis ability, improve your communication and organization skills in oral delivery, and be an extension of Hillsdale College’s commitment to the liberal arts. Debate and forensics are rooted in a rich Greco-Roman tradition of the importance of civil public rhetorical discourse.

Director of Forensics and Debate

Dr. James Brandon

[email protected]

Debate Team

Dr. Matthew Doggett

[email protected]

Individual Events Team

Prof. Matthew Warner

[email protected]