Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club

Hillsdale College


The purpose of the Hillsdale College Creative Writing Club is twofold: to cultivate a welcoming community of creative writers and to challenge those writers to hone their craft. As such, the club is a place where writers should discuss the challenges of writing, encourage each other, read aloud contemporary literature, and refine their creative, literary, narrative, and poetic sensibilities. In order to achieve these ends, the club has weekly meetings in which writers workshop each other’s poems, short stories, novel excerpts, and creative non-fiction.


Hillsdale’s Creative Writing Club is a campus organization that has been encouraging aspiring writers on Hillsdale’s campus since its recent creation in the spring of 2015. Although many of students may be inspired to write novels or poems when engaging in a culture composed of the great literature of the past and present, it can often be hard for writers to stay motivated or perfect their craft when working in isolation. So, several students banded together to form the Creative Writing Club to foster a community of writers to give feedback and encourage one another on Hillsdale’s campus. The club provides many opportunities for those interested in the writing process, such as our weekly meetings. At our weekly meetings, we begin discussion by examining a piece of modern literature and examine ways the potency of the work in relation to good writing, before examining one of our submissions to offer constructive feedback. Additionally, the club has been inviting various prominent modern authors such as Greg Wolfe and Mark Richard, helping bridge the gap between our small group of writers with the greater outside world of television and literary writing.

Membership Requirements

Students who have attended at least four of the club’s weekly meetings and have signed the club’s Mission Statement can become members of the club, allowing them to participate in board elections, run for election, and vote on amendments to the club’s bylaws.

Student Leader

Rachel Stanford

 [email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kelly Franklin

[email protected]