Enactus Event


Hillsdale College


The Mission of Enactus: The Entrepreneurship Club of Hillsdale is to promote entrepreneurship through student led initiatives that encourage community engagement, sustainable development, and social entrepreneurship. In doing so, we aim to increasing the economic well-being of the community.


We are Hillsdale students who believe we can make a difference in our communities through entrepreneurship. If you have ideas and want a team to support your vision, please reach out to us!

In the fall we meet once a week to brainstorm ideas, develop plans, and put our projects into motion. In the spring, we meet twice a week and we continue to strengthen our projects. In March, we compete in the regional Enactus competition.

In addition to our Enactus projects, we also partner with local businesses to apply our classroom knowledge to the real world as we assist community businesses with marketing, strategy, and process improvement.


Membership is open to all undergraduate Hillsdale College students. Priority for membership is given to Economics and Business majors; however, all students are encouraged to join. We accept new members each fall semester and look forward to involving freshman and sophomores. Enactus members may be eligible for course credit during the winter term.

Student Contact

 Sam Swayze

[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Douglas Johnson

[email protected]