Students walking by Central Hall

Equip Ministries

Hillsdale College

Mission Statement

To equip the next generation to be church leaders and influential disciple makers for Jesus Christ.


Equip focuses on three main things: fellowship, discipleship, and stewardship. Through fellowship, we encourage one another to find Christian community and cultivate lasting, meaningful friendships. Through discipleship, we challenge one another to grow deeper in our relationship with God as we pursue Christ together and learn from local pastors and church leaders. And through stewardship, we help one another to use the unique gifts God has given us to serve the body of Christ on campus, in our churches, and around the world.


Rooted, our main meeting, is on Tuesday nights at 6pm at the Free Methodist Church (150 Union St.). Join us for a fellowship meal and a wonderful time of Bible study, worship, and prayer.

Student Contact

Mark Tremaine
[email protected]

Ashley Warden
[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Prof. Don Westblade
[email protected]

Chief Rogers
[email protected]