film and production

Film and Production Club

Hillsdale College


The Film and Production club acts as a place where students can exchange advice and connect with others who enjoy film, while coming to understand the art of film on a deeper level.
Hillsdale College Film and Production club would allow students to collaborate, create, and explore the medium of film in all kinds of capacities — from screenwriting to editing.
It would allow students with experience a place to showcase their work and give less experienced students an opportunity to get involved with filmmaking in a way that requires less commitment than a film school, class, or professional setting. It is meant to be fun, inspiring, and spark a passion for film in its members.
The Film and Production club wants to teach students how to create and value films that reflect and explore the truth and beauty of the human condition. As a club, we want to go beyond teaching students a skill set and instead offer them a place where they can express their own views as an individual through film, while grappling with and exploring larger themes.

Student Contact

Emily Brickey
[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Stephen Naumann
[email protected]