Midwifery Education Club

Hillsdale College


The Midwifery Education Club’s goal is to educate the student body of Hillsdale on midwifery as a career and a future birth option, furthering the conversation of what it means to be “with woman” and the work midwives do for women and communities.


Through engaging with members of the Hillsdale community and medical professionals, we host events, panels, fundraisers, and more to educate students on the value, work, and status of midwifery in healthcare today. Our previous events have benefitted non-profit organizations in Hillsdale doing amazing work to help women including Early Pregnancy Loss Association and Alpha Omega Women’s Care Center. We also host speakers and plan to host panels with Nurse-Midwives, OB/GYNs, and women to share their personal experiences with midwives and the childbirth experience as a whole. Our events are mostly aimed at women’s health, but all ages, genders, and people are welcome to attend.


Membership is open to all students, no matter their desired career path. While the board of Midwifery Education Club is comprised of students who want to become midwives, that is by no means a prerequisite to being a member. The subject of midwifery encompasses the wholeness of childbirth, motherhood, and parenting, which are all intrinsic to our human experience. Membership mainly entails being on our e-mail list and attending at least three events per-semester. Members are able to have a say in the type of events they want to see on campus and receive special priority when it comes to new opportunities with outreach, volunteering, or certain events.

Student Contact

Sophia Berryhill

[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Nikki Walbright

[email protected]