Music Class

Music Entrepreneurship Club


The Music Entrepreneurship Club (MEC) exists to provide education, collaboration opportunities, and experience in the field of music business.  MEC not only educates students in music industry, but also helps students come to a full understanding of the way the modern music industry works, and to form lasting business relationships in this industry.


MEC introduces students to the inner workings of the music business industry through the following: band booking, promotion strategies, venue organization, live music production, and artist relations.  Students receive hands on experience through live seminars, virtual and in-person lectures, songwriting workshops, and meeting up-and-coming musical artists and active workers within the music business.  Past events have included organizing open concerts where MEC hosts outside artists to perform on campus to raise money for local organizations.

Student Contact

Joshua Liebhauser

[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Roger Butters

[email protected]


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