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The mission of Praxis is educating and encouraging the discussion and study of the relationship between politics and economics. Praxis believes that the principal way to achieve the advancement of thought is to be active in educating Hillsdale College students outside the classroom. This purpose is achieved primarily by hosting campus speakers and debates.


Praxis is a political economy group whose name is derived from the Latin word Praxeology, which is defined as “the study (science) of human action and the logical implications of choice.”

Praxis primarily hosts three to five lectures per semester that all of campus is invited to attend. Past speakers include Israel Kirzner, Diedre McCloskey, Don Boudreaux, Steven Landsburg, and many more.

There is a $10 annual membership fee.

Student Contact

Benjamin Bies

[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Ivan Pongracic

[email protected]

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