Student Activities Board

Student Activities Board

To purposefully benefit, enhance, and serve as a voice to the student community of Hillsdale College by providing social events and opportunities that are fun, safe, and encourage the growth and development of friendships on campus.

SAB is a student-driven board composed of ten members, four officers and six assistants. The officer positions include Event Coordinator, Graphics & Promotions, Media, and Decorations. Additionally, our team members possess a wide variety of skills such as photography, video editing, carpentry, and project management. Some of our marquee events include the Garden Party, Homecoming, President’s Ball, and Centralhallapalooza.


SAB meetings are held weekly in which we initiate, plan, and execute a wide variety of events for the student body. During these meetings, we are able to analyze the effectiveness of our activities while simultaneously planning for the future.


Staff Advisors

 Ashlyn Landherr

Alexandra Whitford

Social Media


SAB Logo

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