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Tabletop Society

Hillsdale College


The purpose of this organization is to grow the tabletop gaming hobby on the Hillsdale college campus. To that end, we seek to provide a fun, inclusive environment for all members of the Hillsdale community to experience role playing games, hobby board games, card games, party games, and other forms of tabletop gaming.
These sorts of gaming experiences provide a framework for social interaction, develop creative problem solving skills, and create good opportunities for fun and healthy competition.
These goals fall under the college’s mission to provide “Instruction and culture as will best develop the minds of the students,” and “to stimulate students’ … curiosity, and to encourage the critical, well-disciplined mind.” It also provides opportunities for recreation and for practicing self government on a small and simulated scale.

Student Contact

Gabe Meyer

[email protected]


Faculty Advisor

Jeff Rogers

[email protected]