Students walking by Central Hall

The 1844 Society


To educate the Hillsdale College student body, beginning freshman year, about the importance and impact of private support to the College. The Society members will cooperate with various College departments and students to cultivate an understanding of philanthropy and gratitude.


To engage students in a meaningful way and empower them to serve as ambassadors and advocates for the College among its student body and vast network of friends and supporters. The Society will work to preserve and perpetuate the College’s mission, independence and to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.


To excite students about becoming future alumni so that they build and strengthen their lifelong connection with Hillsdale College. The Society will build an ethos of service to our Alma Mater to cooperate with and, thus, to reinforce its enduring principles and mission.

Student Contact

Braden Van Dyke

[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Colleen McGinness

[email protected]