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Sigma Chi

Hillsdale College

The seven founders of the Sigma Chi fraternity announced its establishment June 28, 1855, at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The fraternity’s permanent headquarters are now located in Evanston, Illinois.

The standard with which the Sigma Chi fraternity started was that of “admitting no man to membership in Sigma Chi who is not believed to be: a man of good character, a student of fair ability, with ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessed of good morals, having a high sense of honor, and a deep sense of personal responsibility.”

In August of 1980, the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Sigma Chi was reinstated at Hillsdale College for the first time since 1886. Since that time, the Alpha Kappa Chapter has expanded its facilities, grown in numbers, and flourished on Hillsdale’s campus.

Student Contact

Chris Huffman

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Faculty Advisor

Dr. Tom Conner

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