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Off-Campus Housing

Some students at Hillsdale College live off campus. However, anyone wishing to be considered for permission to reside off campus should make application for off-campus privileges to the appropriate office of dean of men or dean of women.

Applications for the requests must be received by February 1. The Dean of Men or Dean of Women will notify those students before the end of the semester if permission has been granted to reside off campus for the coming semester.

The following guidelines will be used in determining off-campus privileges and shall pertain to all students enrolled in, or who will earn, seven or more semester hours.

  • Married students are exempt from the on-campus requirement.
  • Local residents who resided with parents immediately prior to enrolling at Hillsdale and who continue that residence are exempt.
  • Non-freshman fraternity or sorority members who reside in the fraternity or sorority houses are exempt. When a student ceases to live in a fraternity or sorority, that student will return to another on-campus residence, unless student enrollment allows for off-campus privileges as determined by the appropriate dean.
  • Fifth-year seniors are exempt.
  • Students age twenty-four years or older by day of registration are exempt.
  • Commuting students are exempt (recognized only if within a twenty-five-mile radius and residing with their immediate family).

All other students should expect to reside in residence halls except when facilities are not available. The appropriate dean shall grant off-campus privileges, giving seniors top priority and working down through the required number by credit hours earned. Good academic standing is necessary before consideration may be given.

The College reserves the right to reverse off-campus permissions if a student living off campus is in violation of the Hillsdale College Social Policy, placed on social probation, or if the student’s best academic interests would be served by returning to on-campus housing (e.g., academic probationary status or a major decline in academic performance as determined by the Dean of Men or Dean of Women).

All students given permission for off-campus living are required to purchase a limited meal plan on campus.