Hillsdale Chavarah

Hillsdale Chavarah is a faith-based fellowship on the Hillsdale College campus and was formed for religious, educational, and charitable purposes. Its goal is to provide a strong, united Jewish community on campus, as well as provide an educational opportunity for those interested in observing and learning about the customs and beliefs of the Jewish faith.

Student Contact

Alan Kotlyar

[email protected]

Sara Garfinkle

[email protected]

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Josh Fincher

[email protected]


The Chavarah provides a way to better understand the Judeo-Christian foundation of Hillsdale College, encouraging intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth of its members and participants as they relate to the traditions and tenets of the Jewish faith. Events, including Shabbat dinners and observances of other Jewish holidays, are open to both Jewish students and others interested in learning more about the Jewish faith.