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4H Special Interest Clubs


4H Special Interest Clubs (SpIn Clubs) provide Hillsdale College students with the chance to teach a course on anything they’re interested in; from forensics to French cooking, from Civil War history to sewing, students can share their passion with five or more young people.


A 4-H SPIN Club is a special interest club where five or more young people learn about a topic of interest. Topics vary and include interests such as nature, heritage arts, science, engineering, gardening, technology, and more. SPIN clubs are led by volunteers who have a passion and want to share their knowledge with young people.

SPIN clubs are planned around the volunteer’s availability. Each club meets between six and eight times for at least one hour per session, within an eight week time period. Meeting dates are set by the volunteer, based on the availability of the potential participants. The meeting location is selected for the type of activity and number of participants.

Student Contact

Michaela Peine
[email protected]