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The Adopt A Grandparent Program exists to bring joy, hope, and love to lonely elderly people in the Hillsdale Medical Care Facility who are approaching the end of their lives and need to interact with loving young people who can help them understand the dignity of their lives. The students who participate in this program will learn the value of self-sacrifice and a deeper appreciation for the dignity of human life, even at its end.


In this program, students visit a resident of the Hillsdale Medical Care Facility once every week for an hour. During this hour the students talk with the residents telling stories of their life and listen to the residents talk about their own lives. The students strive to always be loving and patient with the residents to acknowledge the dignity and respect that the residents deserve. Some students also write letters to the residents if they do not have time to visit the residents every week. Throughout the semester, there are group activities such as caroling, watching movies with the residents, and passing out cards to the residents. This program is a wonderful way for students to form a relationship with an elderly person even to the point of seeing that person as an adopted grandparent. The loving bond that forms between student and resident leaves an impact on both lives that will never be forgotten.

Student Contact

Emily Brickey

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Staff Advisors

Associate Dean Jeffery Rogers

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Ashlyn Landherr

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