Students walking by Central Hall

Gier Reading and Journal Buddies

Hillsdale College


To create relationships that will encourage a love of reading in elementary school students and to facilitate literacy through one-on-one mentoring, small groups, and classroom interactions.


The Gier Reading and Journal Buddies program enables Hillsdale College students to increase literacy by supporting teachers and mentoring students at local Gier Elementary School. Hillsdale College students will be paired with a Gier Elementary classroom and visit weekly, encouraging literacy by reading with students one-on-one, reading with small groups, and assisting in a large classroom setting. Gier Elementary students benefit both from the academic help and from having a relationship with an older role model. By having a volunteer who can deliver individual attention to struggling students, Gier Elementary teachers become more able to meet the needs of the entire classroom. Hillsdale College students gain experience teaching, share the joy of reading, and help create a better future for children in their community.

Student Contact

Paula Skwarek

[email protected]

Staff Advisors

Associate Dean Jeffery Rogers

[email protected]
Ashlyn Landherr

[email protected]