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Hillsdale Buddy Program

Hillsdale College


The Hillsdale Buddy program’s mission is to enhance the lives of people with developmental and intellectual disabilities through social opportunities like weekly bowling and events throughout the year.


The Hillsdale Buddy Program serves as a means to connect students at Hillsdale College with handicapped teenagers and adults from the greater Hillsdale/Jonesville area. We do this primarily through weekly bowling at Hillside Lanes as well as events like the Day of Champions (a sporting event with games and competitions) and our annual Halloween party. When volunteering with the Hillsdale Buddy Program, students should expect to spend an hour a week cheering on and encouraging the buddies while they bowl, remaining friendly and engaged.  Through these interactions, deep and meaningful friendships are formed between volunteers and the buddies. For many of the volunteers, the relationships formed between themselves and the buddies demonstrates the impact that the Buddy Program has on the Hillsdale community.

Student Contact

Leahi Johsens
[email protected]

Staff Advisors

Associate Dean Jeffery Rogers
[email protected]

Ashlyn Landherr
[email protected]