Students walking by Central Hall

Hillsdale County Career Access Planning

Hillsdale College


Hillsdale County Career Access Planning encourages students in local high schools to pursue a post-secondary education. The program strives to give students the tools they need to recognize their potential and work to achieve their goals.


Hillsdale County Career Access Planning (HCCAP) connects Hillsdale college students with classrooms of high schoolers in the Hillsdale area. Volunteers facilitate games and discussions in a classroom setting that explore different career options including college, vocational school, etc. Aptitude tests help students recognize the skills and talents they have, which aids in sparking an interest in a possible career. College students are able to give a unique and encouraging perspective, having recently been through the later years of high school themselves.

Student Contact

Emille Martelli
[email protected]

Staff Advisors

Associate Dean Jeffery Rogers
[email protected]

Ashlyn Landherr
[email protected]