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Hospital Volunteering

Hillsdale College


The GOAL Hospital Volunteering Program aims to assist medical professionals and community members by patterning with healthcare providers in the Hillsdale area.


The Hospital Volunteering program gives students a hands-on volunteer experience, allowing students to volunteer in various departments such as surgery, emergency, obstetrics, physical therapy, and lab. In addition to the Hillsdale Hospital, the volunteering program partners with other healthcare providers in the Hillsdale County area, including infusion clinics, physical therapy offices, and hospice centers. Students are able to learn first-hand about the roles of healthcare providers in a rural community as they serve alongside medical professionals. Each week students volunteer for several hours in a department where they assist with tasks specific to that department. This program is extremely popular among pre-professional students. Students interested in medicine are able to give back to the Hillsdale community while simultaneously learning more about healthcare.

Student Contact

Sophie Reynolds

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Staff Advisors

Associate Dean Jeffery Rogers

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Ashlyn Landherr

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