Students walking by Central Hall

Public School Tutoring

Hillsdale College

Mission Statement

A Hillsdale College education is a gift—the Public School Tutoring program aims to give that gift back to students in Hillsdale County’s public schools.


The Public School Tutoring Program is a passionate team of Hillsdale students that serve as tutors at local middle and high schools. Students volunteer at on-campus and off-campus after-school tutoring programs and generally serve between one to three hours per week. It is a great opportunity for prospective teachers to gain experience in the public education setting, though it is not exclusive to them. Many of our tutors pursue careers in business, law, healthcare, and a variety of other fields. Our program is a rewarding experience for any student who wishes to give back to public education while benefitting the Hillsdale community.

Student Contact

Ellie McKie
[email protected]

Staff Advisors

Associate Dean Jeffery Rogers
[email protected]

Ashlyn Landherr
[email protected]