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Special Education Assistance

Hillsdale College


Our goal is to support teachers and students in local special education classrooms by providing one-on-one assistance to students with special needs.  Our aim is to enrich their education by providing for them more focused opportunities to learn, grow, and develop. Students with special needs benefit greatly from one-on-one assistance given through this organization, and our assistance to both the students and teachers are invaluable to special education programs.


The Special Education Assistance Program currently sends volunteers to one of three schools: Greenfield School, which is a solely special education school; Williams Elementary; and Hillsdale High School. Volunteer scheduling depends on the volunteers’ availability and the schools’ immediate needs. Volunteers fill in the gaps that exist when a student with special needs needs extra guidance and support. Volunteers perform a variety of jobs which include playing with students, assisting with simple homework, aiding class participation, and remaining attentive during group lessons. This program allows Hillsdale College students not only to help teachers and students with special needs, but to nurture their own personal growth and fulfillment as well.

Student Contact

Matthew Granzotto

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Staff Advisors

Associate Dean Jeffery Rogers

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Ashlyn Landherr

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