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Young Life

Hillsdale College


The aim of Young Life is to introduce Jesus Christ to middle and high-school-aged young people. Volunteers encourage young people to grow in faith by building personal relationships with them, sharing testimonies of faith, and participating with high-school students in a variety of experiences through which the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be heard and understood.


Young Life is a Christian ministry that focuses on building relationships with students who are in both middle school and high school. Founded in the late 1940s, Young Life has become both a national and international ministry to reach all children everywhere so they can develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It seeks to reach children and young adults with little history with Christ or church; therefore, a crucial part of our ministry is going to where children and teenagers come together in natural community. This most typically looks like volunteers visiting students at lunch, attending sporting events, organizing camp trips, providing after-school activities, and going to any places where they are. The heart of Young Life is to love children and teenagers in the way that Christ loved us; as His ministry was predicated upon relationships, so too is ours. This is an exciting ministry for volunteers who have a heart for children and want to minister in the name of Jesus Christ with patience and love.

Student Contact

Shelby Dorman
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Staff Advisors

Associate Dean Jeffery Rogers
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Ashlyn Landherr
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