Chapel Construction

Updated June 28, 2017

Construction for the Christ Chapel at Hillsdale College began March 2017 and likely will be completed April 2019. During this time, certain areas of campus will be fenced off and have restricted access.

Chapel Construction MapConstruction Map

Visitor Parking

The Dow Center parking lot will be unavailable for campus visitors. Visitors are recommended to park in the parking lots across the street from the Dow Center adjacent to E. Galloway Dr.

For more information or questions about parking and campus access for Dow Center guests, please contact the Dow Center at (517) 437-3311.

Construction Traffic

E. Galloway Dr. will become an eastbound one-way street at its intersection with Hillsdale St.

Please note that there will be substantial construction traffic on Hillsdale St., E. Galloway Dr., and N. West St. around campus.

Restricted Areas

During construction, the Dow Center parking lot and the quad between the Dow Center and the Grewcock Student Union will be fenced off and access will be restricted to authorized personnel.


For more information or questions, please contact Hillsdale College by calling (517) 437-7341.