Why We Study the Constitution

Hillsdale is widely recognized as America’s premier conservative college. By “conservative,” we mean we want to “conserve” the great experiment in liberty that is called the United States of America, made possible by our Constitution and the principles of liberty underlying it

This is why Hillsdale’s mission is so important and so unique. Hillsdale believes America is special, and that a good education requires an understanding of the meaning and history of the Constitution. That’s why every student, regardless of major, is required to take one semester course on the Constitution to graduate! 

We are proud of what we have built here at Hillsdale – a major institution of higher learning that is unapologetically conservative and intellectually rigorous.

Constitution Day

Constitution Day

On September 14, Hillsdale College will hold its annual Constitution Day Celebration, a day-long event that includes panels, debates, and speeches on issues and controversies related to the Constitution and the principles of free government.

Watch the Constitution Day Celebration

Live coverage begins on September 14, 8:00 P.M. Eastern.

Pocket Constitution

Get Hillsdale College’s U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence booklet for free.

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Constitution Reader

Featuring 113 essential primary source documents, The U.S. Constitution: A Reader is taught as part of the core undergraduate course on the U.S. Constitution at Hillsdale College.

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Constitution Reader Online

Access Hillsdale College’s online version of The U.S. Constitution: A Reader for free.

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Thomas Jefferson statue

Constitution 101

Taught by the Hillsdale College Politics faculty, this course will introduce you to the meaning and history of the United States Constitution.

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Hillsdale College Larry P. Arnn - Constitution 101

Constitution 201

A continuation of Constitution 101, this course focuses on the importance of the principles of the American Founding and the current assault on them by the Progressives.

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Paul Moreno and John J. Miller

Public Policy from a Constitutional Viewpoint

This course will consider contemporary public policy issues from a constitutional viewpoint.

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Hillsdale College Online Courses The Presidency and the Constitution

The Presidency and the Constitution

This course will help you understand the structure and function of executive power in the American constitutional order.

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