Ben Strickland

Ben Strickland

Admissions Counselor
Greater Michigan (Zip Codes 48601-49971), Kentucky
I love Hillsdale because it sculpted me. It provided a perfect environment in which I could grow, and incredible people to grow with. My strongest memories are from living in the Simpson residence, sitting into the early hours of the morning drinking tea and talking about philosophy with a group of guys, including some of the starting offensive linemen. I cherish my time at the College and am always eager to share it with others.
— Ben Strickland

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Ben grew up on the coast of the beautiful state of Maine. A classically educated and adventurous youth, he was preceded at Hillsdale by two elder siblings and arrived to campus ready to take on college life. The Hillsdale education awoke in him a love for the arts, especially photography, while deepening his love of mathematics, and he graduated in 2016 with a major in both areas. Aside from his studies, Ben met his wife during his time at Hillsdale, and made many close friends from his four years living in the Simpson residence. He spent three years teaching math in Arizona before returning to serve his alma mater on staff.